For the rich cultural life of the employees, thanks to the staff for their hard efforts, in December for the best employees with the "youth fire - self bloom two day outing. Activities to carry out, so that the small partners in the busy work to relax the body and mind, to promote mutual understanding between employees, enhance the team cohesion.


Rustic farmhouse firewood picnic, our own kitchen, kill chickens and fish, wash rice and vegetables, cooking wine and food, heart, made a fragrance overflowing delicacy.


Practical work for a picnic, enjoyable atmosphere, let the whole team are getting into it. .


After meals buddies actively participated in karting, real CS, tug of war competition, mettle.


After entertainment we visited the Dapeng Peninsula National Geological Park Museum and Dapeng ancient city, understand the local cultural history, rich cultural knowledge learning. The outing, learning in music.