In the beautiful moment of the occasion, ushered in the last international evening in 2017.


On December 31, 2016 the international staff in Shenzhen have a joyous gathering, festive gratifying results yesterday, the future outlook of the company!


In 2016 the company achieved excellent results, can not be separated from the hard work of every outstanding staff, but also can not be separated from a wise and visionary pilots to lead us together. In this beautiful night, sunshine international founder and design director Mr. Ceng Xianming published new year speech back in 2016, every day, on the team continue to explore innovative, unremittingly, we believe more in 2017 through the efforts of hard work, has become a leader in the interior design industry.


In 2016 our intention to create the Shanghai Hilton Hotel Fengxian, Dalian Luneng Yosemite The Springs Hotel, Shenyang world financial center Chongqing Laihua Hotel, Fengjie Presidential Hotel, Sanya The Seaview Tavern Hotel, Sanya Haitang Bay platinum Rock Contemporary Art Center, Shenzhen JDS Yacht Club, Ji'nan with the old commercial port, Qingdao gold sun Tang County Housing, Guangxi Yulin Yinfeng housing, Guizhou Tianyuan 2013 Yi Fu mansion, Sanya Lake three homes VILLA villa, Haikou Yilong Plaza and other projects have achieved excellent results, obtained the owners, management companies and wine industry widely recognized. In 2017, we continue to move forward, to achieve a new leap to new heights, and continue to forge ahead bravely.


Beautiful and seductive hotties Mecees years will be more perfect.


The joyous song sings, cheerful music move, fiery youth dance, wonderfull life song, colorful performances make up team buddies to shine.


Sing, dance, comedy, drama, comic performances make the party atmosphere colorful, to prepare various honors certificate and prize welfare feedback team buddy a year of efforts.


The new year opens a new hope, the new year carries a new dream. To the years of dust, to laughter and tears into a shining crystal. I wish you a happy year of 2017 chicken!