新年伊始,独立且受全球所认可的德国iF设计奖揭晓了2018年度获奖名单。据悉,此次2018年iF设计奖项提交参赛作品超过6400件,分别来自全球54个国家和地区。经过评委会严格的评审,我司“三亚洛克港湾”销售中心项目在众多参赛作品中脱颖而出,斩获2018德国iF Design Award设计大奖。

At the beginning of the new year, the independent and globally recognized German iF Design Awards announced the 2018 annual winners. It is reported that more than 6,400 entries have been submitted for the 2018 iF Design Award, coming from 54 countries and regions. After a rigorous review by the jury, our "Sanya Locke Bay" sales center project stood out in numerous entries and won the 2018 German iF Design Award.

iF 设计奖,简称"iF",创立于1953年,该奖是由德国历史最悠久的工业设计机构——汉诺威工业设计论坛(iF Industrie Forum Design)每年定期举办。德国IF国际设计论坛每年评选iF设计奖,它以“独立、严谨、可靠”的评奖理念闻名于世,旨在提升大众对于设计的认知。

The iF design award, abbreviated as "iF", was founded in 1953. The prize is held annually by the iF Industrie Forum Design, the oldest industrial design organization in Germany. The IF International Design Forum in Germany selects the iF Design Award every year. It is famous for its "independent, rigorous and reliable" concept of awards, aiming to raise public awareness of design.


The German iF Design Award is one of the world's most recognized and authoritative three major design awards. It is also known as the "Red Dot Award" in Germany and the "IDEA Award" in the United States. It is also known as the "World's Three Design Awards" and is known as the "Oscar Award for Design". It is called.


Each work has been strictly controlled by the judges. The award is a recognition of the meticulous design and profound knowledge of the international team project. This honor will always encourage us to redouble our efforts to integrate design into our lives. The limit presents a sense of space "beauty". In 2018, the SSD team will compose more wonderful chapters