In the summer, the autumn is still strong. In order to lose the exhaustion of going to work all day long, the company organized a one-day outdoor group building activity in late August to enrich the leisure life of the younger friends.


The event consists of twelve people. Each group has their own sultry, flattering team display and loud slogans. They face challenges, unity and high morale. Hula hoops pass, report, clap and other games have a lot of fun.


After the fierce game, the little friends began to divide their work and cook, and the five-star chefs hidden in the folks made their debut. Everyone showed their cooking skills and made home-made dishes with local characteristics, so that colleagues could take a green light. Full of happiness!


Open the meal, in this relaxed environment, eating your own meals, I feel extra fragrant.


After a short break, I started to enter the next sports session - the flop game, and the partners from all walks of life enthusiastically participated. The atmosphere was very hot and the game was superb and super happy.


The game that most tests teamwork is undoubtedly a tug-of-war. During the game, the strength of the team is much greater than the strength of the individual, and when the power of the individual is made to one place, it is condensed into an infinite team force. The event was extremely fierce, and the contestants fought hard, and the shouts and laughter of the teammates rang in the audience.


After several rounds of games, there are free activities, such as archery, badminton, basketball, table tennis, karaoke, bamboo poles and other projects. The friends are eager to try, and their faces are full of excitement and excitement.


The group building activity was successfully completed! There is passion, laughter, sharing, and gains all the way. Looking forward to our next happy trip!