If a person's journey.It's meeting the truest self on the road.So the travel of a group of people is to meet the best of each other.Change your habitual trajectory.In a strange city, I find a long-lost feeling.Bangkok - "Sawadika ~"


Living in the "capital of Buddhist temples" and looking up at Siam Buddha Pagoda, everything is quiet for a moment. Only to wander in the flowing Thai aesthetics, if I can, I want to stop for a long time, looking at every mural, every story carved.


On the Mekong River, watch the waves surge, watch the "Dawn Temple" stand on the river bank for a hundred years, and imagine the historical vicissitudes of the "Fourth Emperor Tai" to restructure the rivers and mountains.


Everyone has a relationship with the city in his own way.


Afternoon empty, lazy, free, bathed in the warm sunshine, the heart is full of floating touching and happiness. Good flashing memories are happening.


We are playful children.Full of curiosity about the fairy.tale world.In the fantastic chocolate ManorEnjoy the interaction with the host here.In the next moment, we became good friends.


Travel, prayer and love, with warm memories, luggage filled with inspiration, end slow time travel, and start again for design.