Countless islands in the world are on the surface of the earth.Everyone has an island paradis that belongs to one's own heart.When you come here,you will find that this is where your heart goes.


Do you have a dream of traveling around the world in your busy daily work. In the blue water, there is a star-studded figure. That is the mysterious sea that weaved a quiet and deep dream. Leave the crowds and come to Palau to watch the sunrise and see the tides. Immerse yourself here, greedy such beauty.


In the vast Pacific Ocean, there are countless bright pearls. Palau is one of them, the beauty of the island, along with the colorful and ever-changing underwater world.



The breeze came, and in early April, the three small partners who won the "Upper International Spirit" took the journey and came to the other side of the ocean - the beautiful Palau. Opened their "marine exploration tour". SSD Constantly shaping the corporate spiritual personality, paying attention to the continuous improvement of the ideological realm of the employees, shaping the products with the character, and starting for the design!


Palau's sea is the purest ocean in the world, you can walk on the white sand and the world's clearest transparent water.


Leave the city, stay away from the hustle and go to the other side. Reminiscent of this magical "Palau trip". Palau - a lovely place, looking forward to meeting you next time!