In from September 20 to 21, 2017, the 2017 Asia Pacific designers awards ceremony was hosted by Hongkong Interior Design Association. The theme was "to feel the Oriental living culture, to witness the strength of the Asia Pacific Design", and to hold the grand ceremony in Foshan, china!


The awards ceremony invited guests from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, three places, big coffee, mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions to attend the guests.


At the same time, organized the first Guangdong Bay Area Design "," 2017 honor Exhibition "and other activities, when many design blockbuster guests gathered here to discuss the design of the integration of resources and building materials to build the whole industry chain.


The awards ceremony today headlines, NetEase news, CCTV network, SouFun, international news network, Sina, Phoenix and other more than 30 mainstream media coverage.


Mr.Simon Tsang, founder and design director of Shanghai International (Hongkong) Design Co., Ltd. won the "2017 world famous Chinese designer

[artistic achievement award"]"


Last is the interior design experts, is also creative listener, have efficient service feedback mechanism, to listen to the voices of customers, to achieve customer expectations; is the executor and the supervisor, can track supervision project project construction progress, solve all kinds of problems appeared in the design and construction project, ensure the project real effect. In project cooperation, attention to detail, quick response, excellence, service-oriented.


Good work is the brand savings card, honesty is our principle, achievement project is the biggest wealth. On the other hand, every design works can achieve the perfect fusion of the emotion of the creative subject and the object of creation, and create the interior experience space with artistic conception.