In February 6, 2018, all the international colleagues in Shenzhen gathered together to hold the annual grand meeting of "a good reputation and a remittance." Weare gathered here today, waving 2017 with the joy of harvest and the glory of winning the victory, and meeting the new 2018 together.


Time flies, at this moment with us in this happy time, is still a group of lovely international companions. Full of opportunities and challenges in the 2017 andunder the leadership of the company, best buddies international temper endeavour, courage, in joint efforts under the work smoothly, and has made remarkable achievements, has also been widely recognized by the owners, management companies and wine industry, the spoils.


All kinds of programs not only bring laughter and laughter, but also make colleagues closer to each other's hearts. The company has prepared various awards and honorary certificates, cups and rich prize benefits to give feedback to the team's partners for the past year. With the extraction of first prize, two prize, three prize and so on, the climax of the annual meeting has been raised constantly, and the atmosphere of the scene is enthusiastic.


2017 we are complacent, trials and hardships, enterprising spirit; 2018, we ride the wind and waves, a new A fighting spirit soars aloft.. All the struggle and passion, the achievement and the dream, the sweat and the tears, in the new year, will open the new hope and carry the new dream.


In the past 2017, we have a lot of fun, memorable people and things, let us firm strides, with full of youthful spirit, into the hope of 2018; let us join handsto ride out the storm, write more brilliant new chapter. 2018, the new journey, and then start!